My Beautiful Mess

This is us The lost but still joyful The hurt but still happy ...How beautiful it is to walk the line of our contradictions. With our minds all over the place yet so still in one space How can you tell the difference between doing what’s right and doing what’s wrong if they both feel good? Why do we long to understand each other when another human’s mind was never meant to be understood? You wake up with hair entangled, puffy eyes and a dry smile Wondering how you left yourself in peace but came back wild. I find myself most taken aback by your beauty, when you first wake up... with those new eyes. A little lost, a little more vulnerable. An image both so raw and bare. I find myself most amazed by you when you’re struggling to find something to wear A little everywhere yet here at the same time Lost yet found all in the same mind I tell you often your very imperfections are what make you perfect My beautiful mess here’s a message to let you know you’re worth it.

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