Raw Journal Entry - A Week Spent with a Stranger

Aw man, what a week. Its crazy but a week spent with a stranger.. Or someone you barely know anything about but I think that’s equivalent to a stranger lol.

The thing is that there isn’t a person you can’t begin to love after learning their whole story… really reading their whole story.. It’s inevitable you know. If you sit and engage with one another with eye contact and pure presence, that connection forms into a bond where every touch is like a transfer of loving energy.

Returning home though, is always the part I disfavor. It’s not because I don’t want to return home - although I felt as if I could live in that world forever - it's telling others about this amazing experience that gets me. More so my friends. The people closest to us have a way of saying words that hit us harder than most. Sometimes it is funny and sometimes I feel it comes off too judgemental. But the biggest thing is that, I want to be able to like someone without my friends opinions distorting my image of her…

This soul this amazing soul that I’ve shared this time with has me longing for more time with her. I see all of her problems, with herself & life, and it’s like I want to learn more instead of running away. This time I want to see the unfolding & growth instead of trying to fix & build around her already perfect structure. I see her, I like her and I want to see what happens with this. And at this point I don;t care to listen to anyvoice other than my heart’s.


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