Choice Flow

Here I am procrastinating, denying. Contemplating jumping off the ledge to see if there’s a such thing as flying. I’m never here when I want to be Always there or nowhere at all Choosing for myself what is right and what is wrong Until the line I’m walking just dissolves With no line where shall I step? So many decisions in order to feel like I have control of my life. So many decisions but no decision is ever wrong or right. It’s just life I get entangled in thoughts like gum in hair, thinking I have to choose a path. getting so stuck I feel my mental prisons wrath We really just want to be free from this trap But the mind is it’s own shackles Each decision is a different life What I fail to see is we long for freedom from decision The conversation with God that brings spontaneity instead of suffering But for that we need trust and surrender There’s no control but there’s a universal flow Choiceless awareness that brings spontaneity to the unknown Let your heart show where to go in the present moment Choice is a flow

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