The Warmth

You’re one of those people that make me feel like I’m in love with someone that’ll never love me back It’s just the way you look at me The flick of those eyelashes can strum each string of my heart Create a rhythm that can only be considered God's art A rhythm that can’t tear us apart This day, this moment I’ll do anything To always feel the comfort of that smile The warmth of your touch The warmth of your love When you take my hand I see us running in a field of bliss With the sunset painted in your eyes, Smile wide, wiith the golden glow of your hair dancing into breeze The thing about this dream is that it’ll never be My warming love is a fading love As memories fade the break of your smile remains And all I want to do is heal all your pain No matter what I make up in my head You don’t see me in the same light No matter what I’m still on the wrong side of my own bed

#love #influencedbymusic


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