Universal Language

When I’m around you I feel a pull, a shift and for that moment there is no time.. Everything around you blushes just by your gaze Everything you touch flourishes. I’ve never seen the world move with so much unity as it does when you walk, I’ve never understood this world so much as I do when I’m with you. You’re the essence of creation and by the way my heart warms when you chuckle it let’s me know our paths crossed for a reason. When you want something the whole universe conspires to help you right? Well the days I’m with you it’s like all the ladybugs that have been in hiding come out to fly to behind their queen I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt these butterflies It’s like they can’t seem to do anything but fly towards you, because of you. I’m walking through a floral field of ladybugs and butterflies And each one comes with a sign Telling me to notice The beauty you attract and The grace that runs through your veins This is the universal language



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