The Gift You Gave

Another sunrise on a bed of poison ivy. Ignite and burn so I can hear you scream silently. Why is such a virus produced inside of me? There’s a solution to everything right? But you seem to be incurable like the rarest form of cancer. I run and hide, pat and dry, why is there no one around me that can see the truth in my eyes? You are too much of a distraction, leading to my demise & interrupting my pride. This riverwater of hatred is starting to rush & rise, becoming an estuary to my mind’s tides. All these fears are festering inside. I can’t get away from you. Even when I think I’ve finally escaped your wrath, I feel you. Somehow, some way you show up on the path I create. I paint the scenery and you show up on my landscape. Insecurity is an understatement to your weight. I don’t ever want to show my face. I don’t see anyone else fighting to survive and long after I’m gone I know you’ll still be dancing on my grave. This is the gift you gave..

..scars that can’t be erased.

#self #selfawareness #awareness #journalentry


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