This Translucent Wall

Every time we’re together there’s a translucent wall we look at each other through I’m with you but I’m not with you I can feel you but I can’t really feel you Am I pouring water just to fill a cracked vase? Will those flowers go to waste? We’re true with each other Yet all we do is hide what’s really there ....all we do is play it safe So each step I pace trying to be mindful of boundaries along the way But where are the boundaries if the only ones were already erased? I never knew I could find paradise on the ground I never knew you were capable of keeping my heart still while having my soul float Am I chasing the unknown? Or lying, dying and waiting because of what’s shown? Do you feel the fate? Are we really what we create? If I paint a portrait of my heart and place your smile in it,

would we allow the rain from the clouds above to make it smear

Would we give in to fear? I always run to chase the unknown because of the glimpse of beauty that’s shown But I don’t think I’ll ever truly know And I don’t know if I ever truly want to know...

I’ve been upside down But some how you turn me the right way around And when we touch I feel Each pulse Each blink Each inhale and exhale Each beat And our entire universe comes into sync

If I go will I seal our fate? If I stay will I ever be able to wake up to your face?

#love #feel #touch


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