"The sun will come out if you let the rain fall"

Another falling leaf, painted dull. Looking up at the fated tree as it gently kisses the land’s cheek. The fated tree, sheds it’s leaves Only one last breath he may breathe... I feel him in me. A bond with life - one with trees. Because I need them and they need me. There’s no other way we can be. But it’s beautiful, Don’t you see? Life and death, this cycle of being. Mother Nature goes through devastating events. But she continues to be our beautiful, breathtaking queen. Her peaks, her lows, earthquakes and beautiful coasts. Her seeds die and grow. But continue to live a fulfilling life. No different than you and I. Yet, we want the brightest of days all of the time.

Life in bliss, life in light But we forget the motion of the universe is our divine time. There won’t always be light, and we sometimes live blind. Our trees aren’t vibrant in the winter shrine. But still we thrive There’s beauty to see when the sun doesn’t shine. There’s beauty to see at our lowest point in time.

Continue to believe and continue to seek. Remember as Mother Nature goes through her seasons, So must we.

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