Live your Truth

Do you truly feel the sensation in my touch?

A sensation that isn’t lust but gives a compelling feeling of trust

You now have the ability to create your own stars from dust Your own dust... See & feel another perspective Move with pain and joy as a collective To get away from a world that moves with the deceptive nature of honest lies Where does your honesty lie? Under the thick layers of covers under which you hide Amidst opinions of society you choose to abide by You don’t feel safe alone at night Do you?

There’s a shift in the tides Swim to the surface before you drown in your own lies Don’t hide who you are For the acceptance of others ..Those same people you want to relate to Tell you never to change but are the ones that try to shape you Use their eyes as mirrors for as long as you want but their looking through you Now out in public people don’t know whose who Where’s your truth? Live your truth..

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