We're Alright

I know you feel what I feel That sun shining so bright within that we can’t conceal Every moment seems surreal I didn’t want to fall but your breeze was too strong I didn’t want another rose to grow but seeds were planted And you grew, purple Iris...

Slowly unfold the beauty that you hold

Guide me to Heaven from Earth As you bloom, your eyes write a story untold Now what is it worth..


How can I hide this? This energy created from a supernatural force much higher

You sparked my passion by a single flick of your inner lighter.

You take a deep breath when you wrap your hands around me Breathe in, so slow inhale my soul And I feel your heartbeat grow. You come into my midst Dopamine when I grip,

and we feel the highest high..

Your worries fly Your fears say "goodbye" I want you to know it’s alright.. I know we wish we can crawl back in time And change the way things happen. The past so often becomes our distraction Your reoccurring deaths that caused his satisfaction The pain and suffering he left you to get trapped in Feeling alone, lost inside With no sunlight nor a guide. I want you to know its alright.. When you look into my eyes Breathe in my colors And take flight.

We’re at a place where there is no time And the only moment is now. No past No future Just here When your eyes are upon me And a smile breaks out from your hidden depths I see the real you I feel the real you Then I know everything is alright I’m alright.. As we unveil these feelings underneath What was unseen is now seen I just hope you continue to believe Through all the pain in society Through all the pain you see in me

We're alright.

#love #happy #infinite


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