08/20/2018 3:56pm

I try to live life with gratitude For everyone for everything What I see is a reflection of me Who I’m around is a reflection of me I thank God I thank my friends I thank my family I thank the trees, the grass The sun, the clouds, the moon, the stars, the rain, & the storms For being who they are For being in my life I thank anyone close to me. But I feel too many people falsely perceive That An expression of pure gratitude is not what it truly means That there’s more strings attached to the words I hand them. But my words are as free as me There are no strings. People Judge with assumptions without confronting their own beliefs And live life without asking what it truly means. Or what I mean.. We’re all here for a reason Regardless of yours If we crossed paths at some point I’m going to thank you for the negative or positive influence you have. Don’t mistake my words And if you feel like you are just ask There’s no harm in that Change your judgmental reaction And eliminate assumptions There’s another Life with grace and awareness to jump in. Thank you for being you Thank you for being part of my life



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