What is it I feel?

I came to write today and you were the only thing in my daydream. Is what I feel is lust? It’s such a dynamic force Yet, it isn’t enough to trust. But that doesn’t stop these visions of us. Creating constellations, Planning our destinations I dream of an inseparable force: One that can fall into an abyss and still find the strength to climb out, One that allows us to reach the tip of the mountain just to see the landscape touch the clouds. An inseparable force. A fairy tale and dream come true.. I believe it will. Even more so when I’m hugging you. I’ve been down this road before, but never drove slow enough to enjoy the scenic view. I want to pace this journey with you. Do everything wrong and right while our relationship stays true I feel I shall let the universe determine Because my mind gives in to lust While my heart just seeks the trust. I know either way patience is a must So I remain on this journey alone Until the universe imprints the footprints that are made to walk beside me...

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