The Lonely Traveler

I travel alone in solitude, in silence

Surrounded by darkness and starlight

I get defensive when I cross paths with the unknown

And I don’t allow anyone to join my journey

Maybe it’s because I enjoy being alone

Maybe it’s the fear I fail to release

But on this journey I’m sure to push everyone away.

I’m scared of piercing them with this dagger unintentionally

Because trust is sometimes the enemy

I’m scared of seeing their pain grow from Cupid’s arrow

Time and time I tell him “when you aim, be careful”

‘Cause I won’t forgive myself for causing someone else’s suffering..

..As we go further along the road

I’m not one for getting lost in between you and me

when there’s a bigger destiny.

Even when she’s all I need.

I feel like we can’t be

Hopeless Romantic it may seem.

She can be everything I’m looking for

But if the other part of me doesn’t feel complete-

I’m going to give you the wings to fly free

I’m going to give you my wings of belief

Then tell you to leave

It’s okay you can blame it all on me

And after you leave

My heart may weep

But my love continues to grow deep

Even if it does so while I’m lonely

#love #self


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