07/27/2018 2:16am

It’s funny I’m sitting here swimming in alcohol Thinking of you Maybe it’s because I’ve been waiting for a girl like you To show me the way her body moves The exact way you do Mesmerizing to tell the truth I’m shook from all this new sensation that I’ve been craving Has me thinking what is our destination The truth doesn’t need any explanation So I’ll focus on the present and be patient And enjoy this moment you’re here with me. Our future seems vivid and clear But you come from putting together broken pieces of a mirror And I come from the fog, searching for a paradise that I know can be clearer So what is our destination Maybe we can never be together Or maybe we can last forever I wait patiently for time to tell And for the sun to shine through this weather. I want better for myself So I’ll focus on myself And when you come I hope I’m not distracted by your wealth But I also hope we can put together valuable assets And build a skyscraper of belief and passion I don’t want to have to ask what happened But I want to believe what we will have will create happiness With abundant compassion Live and create forever no matter what can happen Is this lust that I’m trapped in? I don’t want to ask what happened



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