My Own Suffering

Sometimes I don’t realize I cause my own suffering...

From my own stress, caused by my own thinking.

From my own worry, from my own fears...

You see, I get attached to what’s wrong or what’s right, then I tend to worry about what I’m doing wrong so much that I get stuck with wrong views and wrong concentrations.

Sometimes I’m so preoccupied with thinking about what I don’t want that I forget to manifest what I truly want.

Sometimes I’m so preoccupied with chasing what I desire I’m never present in the here and now.

Society is organized in such a way that every day stress becomes a greater burden. Whether the stress stems from worry, fear, anxiety, conflict, poverty or relationships its linked to suffering.

But we don’t have to stay stuck there...

When we recognize the root of our suffering we’re able to transform that suffering into happiness. Second by second in the present moment.

Think about what causes your suffering, what causes your stress today. Write it out, talk about it.

That’s the first step to transformation...

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