07/24/2018 6:03am

“Follow your heart” Easy to say, harder to do Does it mean we follow through the darkest paths? Does it mean we follow even if it brings tears to delicate eyes? Does it mean we live on and follow even if it makes someone else question life? Honesty is digging out from the inside I’m all you need I’m al you want I’m all you believe But I’m following the footprints of my heart and they’re leading me away from you We lie because our emotions can’t bear the truth You’re the perfect someone for somebody else Even though you don’t see it yourself I’m not the one. I should say this sooner or later Rather sooner than later because you’d hate me later But The voice is too loud to ignore Although you’re someone to adore We can’t be anymore My heart is telling me to explore But I’m not quite sure what I’m searching for It’s hard to speak what you feel Especially when you witness her pain It’s hard to speak what you feel Especially when emotions run down her face



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