07/16/2018 4:18pm

Meant to be or meant to break? The vibe is strong but the love is weak Laugh to fill the awkward space How much more poison will we both drink? You say I have bitter taste I say you lack the essence to create How many bruises can we take? Earth & Fire, how many natural disasters can we make? I hear your thoughts when you’re asleep You still feel vacant when my hands begin to creep You’re perfectly wrong for me But it’s so hard for us to believe Because you were there when I was down on my knees And I was here when you had no one in your time of need We’ll try to make it work, put on handcuffs and throw away the key ‘Cause our differences is also what makes us believe But too much tension and the steel cuts deep When it’s down to our bones we search for the key But it’s too late, the only choice is to watch each other bleed Suffering in agony You’re perfectly wrong for me That’s why it’s so hard to leave You’re perfectly wrong for me We no longer know what it means to be free



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