Lose Sight of the Shore

Let’s get away from here

Let’s explore

It’s okay to lose sight of the shore..

I want to go further beyond the grip of Fear,

Beyond the grip of judgement,

Beyond the grip of society..

Why are we expected to be a certain way here?

Expectations based on reflections in a broken mirror

I rather dream

I rather turn my vision into actuality in a place I can be me.. in a place I can be free..

I cannot see through the eyes of my neighbor

They cannot see through mine

But some rather see through eyes of envy

Thoughts of jealousy leading to actions of hate

Some rather see through false perceptions

Thoughts of suspicion leading to actions of hate

Poison infecting wounds creating toxic waste

I want to get away from here

I want to explore

I close my eyes and lose sight of the shore…



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