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Multi-talented artist G Peoples presents his debut full-length album Wherever I May Go, a
genre bending effort that showcases his many talents. Borrowing influence from everything from
rock and folk, to hip hop and r&b, G masterfully curated a diverse soundscape of eclectic
instrumentation that creates a unique vibe to match his smooth melodies, acrobatic raps, and
fiery spoken word poetry. Each song displays a different style of music, and a different side of G
Peoples as he breaks down barriers of doubt, and explores a whirlwind of different topics and
emotions. On Wherever I May Go, the young artist strikes a delicate balance between supreme
confidence, and honest vulnerability, on a cohesive project that shows his unparalleled creativity
and way with words. Check out G Peoples’ debut album Wherever I May Go, ft. Maya Angelou,
Raquelle Mantra and Vlush, available now on major streamin
g platforms!

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Who is G Peoples?

An artist creating through experience. Born in Pensacola, Fl and raised in Dallas, Tx. He found his lyricism, approach and authenticity through his profound and keen poetry writing, which started as a form of therapy but unfolded into genre-crossing, emotion-evoking music. On a path of self-discovery, engaging in meditation & a strong spiritual lifestyle often depicted through his music, G Peoples became a sponge creatively. From Hip-hop/Rap to Pop to R&B, finding inspiration through various artist & various genres - (XXXTentacion, Russ, Post Malone, Mac Miller, Khalid & Ed Sheeran to name a few) - G Peoples has a little something for everyone. A glimpse of his versatile potential was evident in his recent EP release “Cultivate with Love”. Although filled with majority melodic rap, pop sounds like “What You Want” greatly stood out, as the transition to harder rap songs like “F*** ‘Em All” quickly caught the ear of his new found audience. Writing and envisioning completed songs from a simple beat and/or poem is just one of his many talents. Within a month of his first EP release he landed an opportunity to perform at the House of Blues in Dallas and feature in Voyage Dallas magazine. Anyone recently discovering G Peoples can see, feel and hear he is only scratching the surface of his potential. With an album on the way titled “Wherever I May Go” G Peoples is looking to thrill every listener by being vulnerable and still keeping them guessing about what is coming next!


Before the album releases dive into the sea of lyrics, style, rhythm & vibes you have to feel in order to understand



Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my continuous supporters down for the long ride!!! 

There's so much room to grow! This is only the beginning 🔝🏽

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